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June 16, 2009

Interviewing—Doing Your Homework

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I know, you thought your days of doing homework were long past you, but when you are searching for a job, you are always doing homework. If you get a phone call requesting and interview at XYZ company, your assignment begins now.
Before you hang up: Get as much information as you can about your interview.

Who are you going to interview with?

What is the title of this person? (HR Specialist or Hiring Manager?)

Will it be a group interview?

Where are you located? (Unless you are very familiar with the area, this can be quite important, since some large companies have multiple buildings on their campuses.)

Get on the Internet and start searching:

    Look up the company’s website. Even if you know Nike makes shoes, go find out more about the company and their philosophy, etc.

If they have a business site, so much the better. This is where you can research the company from a business standpoint. Sometimes this is a part of the public site.

See what Business Week and Fortune Magazine have to say about them. That should give you a wider view of the company.

Don’t read the negative stuff. All companies have their flaws and someone will write about them. This stuff can stick in your mind and come out at the worst time. I know this from personal experience.

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