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April 1, 2009

Just when it seems so dark

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After posting my anguish on Monday, my view of the world was still very dark. Life seemed bleak. On Tuesday, everything turned around. I facilitate a group of eight professionals who meet to share leads and strategies every Monday.  We each have our own niche, but there is a lot of crossover in that we feel our mission in life is to help others through our communication skills. That covers a wide range of skills and job descriptions, everything from organizational change to training and web-based tools for elearning.  

I have enjoyed meeting and learning from each of them. I know that each of these talented people have struggled with finding employment and have found creative ways to network and market themselves. On Tuesday, all that hard work paid off.


(Note: I hate excessive punctuation, but this calls for it.)

Both of these jobs were gained through classic networking. C had worked at a large company a while back on a project. As with all projects, it came to an end. She did good work, and the company recognized her worth. They had an opening for two people, and they called C’s recruiter a day before the req went out and asked if she was available. Since she was, they offered her the job right there.  She starts on Monday.

G has a dream of affecting organizational change using his communication skills and training. He had successfully done this at a previous position. When he found himself on the job market, he kept putting himself out there, and taking any opportunity to meet others and present himself and his ideas to all comers. It resulted in a contact, interviews, and finally, an offer of a position that he describes as his “dream job.” He also starts on Monday.

Both C and G had gone for along time without any formal nibbles or interviews, as long as four months, before things happened. They both admitted being very discouraged last week.

So things are picking up. Efforts and networking and presenting yourself to others and just keeping at it do pay off. We are all going out to lunch on Friday to celebrate. I firmly believe in sharing the successes of my friends by sharing a celebratory meal together.

Congratulations, you two!


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  1. Congrats to C and G!

    That’s great news, and in times like these something that everyone needs to hear!


    Comment by Jennifer Howard — April 2, 2009 @ 12:14 am | Reply

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