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March 31, 2009

We now return to our regular programming. . .

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Yesterday I violated two of my personal cardinal professional rules;

1.   I confused the personal and professional parts of my life. This blog is supposed to be about sharing and helping others to understand the process of contracting. I do have a personal blog that I use to share my view of the world and things that have nothing to do with work. I have family, passions and dreams that are laid out there. (If you want to see lots of hand knit socks, go there.)

2.  Whenever I write something fueled by excessive emotion, I should let it sit for a while and gel.  There is a place for emotions in the business world, but things run smoother at work if I temper my feelings and focus on solving problems, not complaining all the time.

If I am responding to good news, (Congratulations on your new job! So glad to hear about your promotion.), that’s fine. But if I am on a negative tear and feel the world is not treating me fairly, I get whiny, and I need to let things settle before posting.

Almost every situation changes in the light of day, and with a little time and perspective, things fall into place. Last night I took a look at myself and realized that there is still much I can learn and do that I have not done in my job search. While many of my job searching methods are sound, I have not been stepping up the plate and following through or fully embracing some practices that will help me land my next gig. I am a stubborn learner sometimes, I need to acknowledge that if something is working, I had better look at myself and see how I can improve things. 

There is a change in the wind. Things are happening. I need to prepare for them. One thing I know about myself is that I love learning new things, once I see the need to learn them. It’s up to me to get going and find resources to learn what I need to know to keep working.

Another friend has been an example of updating her skills during her job search down time. She has been using this time to research the Internet and find free courses and overviews of new developments in her field. She spends time taking free courses and seminars on the new tools in her field and how to use them. She sends me links to these seminars on a regular basis.

That is a much better job search strategy than looking for positions that rely on past technology and older applications. She is ready for the recruiter who calls asking if she has experience with  some of these latest tools. I admire her for doing this on her own. Her determination to keep up to date gives her an edge over the rest of us who are coasting on our past achievements.

Now, it’s back to business. My business here is to write a blog that will help people in learning about contracting, how to adapt to the changing workplace, not whine. The times are tough, but that doesn’t mean they are going to stay that way.

We need to be ready for whatever comes our way and not be playing catch up.


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  1. This is much better and in line with what you are attempting to accomplish.

    Using down time to update your skills is one of the many activities that one needs to undertake during a lull. As you pick up the new skills and understanding you should get on blogs and other sites where you can participate in discussions regarding the new technology or skills you are accumulating.

    You need to make yourself known as one of the experts on how and where the technology can be applied. Maybe it’s a discussion as to the advantages of the technology and how or why you would or wouldn’t want to incorporate it into prior work.

    You need to brand yourself so people start looking to you for advice and comment. Ultimately this leads to employment or contracts.

    Comment by Tom Staskiewicz — March 31, 2009 @ 7:13 pm | Reply

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